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Your chance to win cash prizes when you purchase a car from Al Mulla Group up to USD 100,000*
  • Enter the raffle draw to win 5 Cash prizes USD 30,000 / USD 25,000 / USD 20,000/ USD 15,000/ USD 10,000.
  • Campaign includes all brands available under Al Mulla Automotive Group:
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Al Mulla and Behbehani (Jeep / Dodge / Ram / Fiat / Abarth / Alfa Romeo)
    • Mitsubishi
    • Acura
    • Brabus
  • The chance to win these cash prizes is across all these brands combined.
  • For each KD 1,000, the customer will get a chance to enter the raffle draw, to win one of these 5 cash prizes.
  • The campaign includes new and used cars purchased from the above brands mentioned.
  • Campaign duration is from 11/3/2024 till 24/4/2024.
  • Last chance to register the names is 24/4/2024.
  • A raffle draw will take place on Monday, 25/4/2024.
  • Cash can be in $ or equivalent KD value.

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